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Evangelion Angel Chromosome XX Series – A-02 Lilith-XX Review

Angel Chromosome XX Series – A-02 Lilith-XX Review

Let me get one thing said first and foremost, I am not a toy reviewer by any means, so if I leave something out that you’d like to know about please ask away and I will answer to the best of my abilities.

Got it? good, lets get this going.

So Angel Chromosome XX Series – A-02 Lilith-XX, long name, lets just call her Lilith. The figure itself is based on the art featured above. So, does the figure itself stand up to being a 3D representation of a drawing? Well, lets find out.


At first glance the figure looks as though someone modeled a Rei Ayanami figure, then slapped some wings on it. So, lets take those wings off, and see how Lilith herself looks without the distraction.

Well, that wasn’t too hard. The wings come in the package as separate pieces and simply plug into the back of the figure. Molded into each leg is what appears to be smaller wings. Those aren’t the only things separating Lilith from Rei, if you take a close look at the eyes you’ll see they are different slightly from Rei’s.

Thanks cameraman, good job. Now from those shots we can also see the small details in this figure, as well as the small imperfections in the paint. Are they huge and glaring? No, I didn’t even notice them until I really looked at the figure hard. You will also notice the seam line separating the bangs form the rest of the hair. I do not worry about this as nearly every other Rei figure has this seam. Let move a little bit further down the body, to look at the plugsuit and those paint mishaps I mentioned earlier. Cameraman?

Good good, how much are you getting paid for this? Nothing? Shame, moving on…So now we see the plugsuit itself, Overall I’d say the paint work is excellent, minor paint bleeding, but nothing glaring and only on the small details. You won’t notice the paint issues from looking at it any further than 6 inches. On the wrists where the pressurization switches are located, you’ll notice they are not painted orange like they should be, kind of a bummer in my book, this is the only major paint error I could find on the whole figure aside from not having the “0” on the backpack. With the wings, I can overlook the “0” part, but the switches I can’t overlook.

You can also see the panel lining along the sensors in her suit and under her breasts, being from a Gundam modeling background I appreciate this, you however may find it to be a problem. I find it adds to the illusion that she is a drawing made into 3D, having the pen strokes there.

Also around the groin area you can see the shading effect they used by airbrushing blue paint into those areas. The shading can also be seen on the buttocks, chest, back and ankles. Nice touch.

What the? Who told you to move on!? Good thing your not getting paid or I’d rip that paycheck up right in your face! Ahem, yes, onto the base and what you get in the box.

The base is modeled after Adam in his cryogenic stasis/embryo form. It’s simply hollow plastic with Adam modeled into the bottom of the base, giving the illusion that Adam is inside the base. On top of the base is two small pegs for the feet of the figure and a hole for the stand.

Also on the stand is a small Bio-hazard sticker that says “DO NOT TAMPER | Type XX”. In front of the stand’s pegs is a small name piece stamped on the plastic that states “SAMPLE A-02: Lilith-Type XX. Caution/Handle With Care”

In the picture below the base is everything you get in the box, Lilith herself, Left wing, Right wing, Base, and Stand.

Ok then, lets take a look at Lilith compared to Figma’s offering of Rei. Rei, please step into the shot, thank you.

Thank you for your time Rei.

As you can see, Figma Rei is about a quarter of an inch taller than Lilith. You can also see just how much more detailed Rei is compared to Lilith. Figma Rei is much more thin than Lilith, however Lilith is by no means fat, just designed differently.

Lets move onto the quality portion of this review. Lilith feels to be made of PVC plastic. She is hard, yet effected by the heat. When I first took her out of the packaging, her right leg was warped to the side just enough that it took a very small amount of pushing the leg back into place as I plugged the foot into the pegs of the base. Now that I’ve taken her off the base again after 24 hours, her right leg is just fine and does not require force to plug her onto the base.

The paint itself seems to be of good quality, even more, the wings are painted with a pearlescent white paint with standard white accents. Very nice.

The box itself consists of a cardboard/brown outer box that has small windows to show off the figure and the base. Inside that box is a second clear plastic box that shows off everything. No it’s not a tray like a Revoltech Eva, its a box, lids, tape, tray inside. So it’s a box in a box, and shipped in another box. You do kind of get the feeling that Lilith is some biological agent as they are transported much the same way.

Now, welcome to the Pros and Cons section of this review, I hope not too many of you are too bored to tears.

-Its Rei! But its not…
-Paint apps are very good for a figure of this size and for what I paid for it
-The base and Lilith herself can be appreciated by anyone from who just watched the TV Show and have seen Adam the few times he’s shown. And by those who just like to collect Rei figures.
-Size, she isn’t huge or anything, if you have room for a Figma, you have room for Lilith.
-Easily obtained, even with being made in ’05, you can still find her readily.

-Small paint bleeding, hardly noticeable from average viewing distance.
-Pressurization switches are not painted at all
-Small seam line in her hair
-Soft PVC leaves it able to be bent out of shape in high heat.
-Not for everyone, you definitely have to be a fan of Rei to appreciate this figure.

I paid $8.98 for this figure, with free shipping with Amazon Prime. For that price do I recommend this figure? Hell yes! As much as I’d love to get a Kotobukiya or Alter figure of Rei, I simply cannot afford them. Lilith here allowed me to afford a small Rei figure and not feel bad at all about it.

I am very happy with this figure (cost considered), I would happily recommend Lilith, or any of the other Angel-XX series with only one note. Do NOT pay anymore than $15-$20 for one (Before shipping, I’m talking base figure price). In my eyes they are simply not worth it, unless you just HAVE to have that Tabris or Sachiel XX figure.

Finally I’d like to thank everyone for joining me in this review of Lilith-XX and visiting Sarge’s figure museum. All kind words, questions, and comments are greatly appreciated. Now, I have to go fire a cameraman and tell my secretary to PAY the next one. Thank you again, and have a good day.

SCORE: 6/10


You can purchase Lilith as well as Tabris and Zeruel here:

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