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Figma Rei Ayanami Plugsuit Ver. Review

Figma Rei Ayanami Plugsuit Ver. Review

Hello! Welcome back to Sarge’s Figure Museum! We have a very special tour for everyone to walk through today. Here in the Moon Wing of the museum, we have Figma Rei Ayanami.

Now, we have hired a brand spanking new cameraman for our tour, he IS being paid this time. In coffee, cigarettes, and small cat trinkets.

Everyone keep their limbs within the confines of the cart, and be sure to fasten your seatbelts. Yui-sama has been having a very bad day today and I hate having to do the paperwork to explain why we have to clean up blood stains. Buckled? good! Let’s get on with it before Yui-sama decides to pay a visit.

And here we are, everyone please say “hello” to Ayanami-san. First off, lets get rid of the distraction of the stand holding her up, so we can get a good look at her, shall we?

Thank you Rei. As you can see, the figure itself can stand easily even though she has very small feet. You can also begin to see the amount of detail sculpted into the figure as compared to my last review of Lilith-XX. Rei, would you mind doing alittle turn around so these fine people can get a good look at you?

Thank you Rei, your a great help.

As we can see, the Plugsuit is very accurately molded here, I can’t see any differences between the figure and from Rebuild where the designers molded the design from. Now, cameraman, step up closer and get us some nice detail shots. Don’t worry, Rei doesn’t bite. She slaps and ends humanity if angered enough, your fine.

See? no pain at all cameraman. Now while I speak, go check to see if Yui is still in the Sun Wing rampaging around in there.

Let us start from the head down. Max Factory’s Figma line has been famous for getting their figures to look and feel exactly like they do in the anime they originate. Rei proves no different, she looks very much like she does in the Rebuild movies. Her hair is nicely sculpted, framing her face perfectly. Her A10 headset is molded properly. Her face nearly looks like they took a frame of the movie and applied it to a figure. Speaking of the face, what you don’t see in the pictures is that when you swap out the various face pieces is that her ears are actually molded in, even though you will probably never see them due to her hair.

Moving down, let me say this here and now. NO FLOATING BREASTS! They have solved this issue since their release of Asuka and you only notice the floating breasts when you turn the chest any more than 90 degrees to the side.

However, there is a problem of floating green…things, under her breasts. They seem to just hover there ever so slightly off her body.

Down to her torso, her torso is molded with no joints at all to preserve the smooth look of the plugsuit. The articulation freak in me wishes they had included a waist joint, but the look of the plugsuit outweighs that to me. Now, take a close look to the black lines just above her legs, they swoop to the back of her suit. Now look carefully, you can actually see her hipbones through her plugsuit. Under her chest, you can see her ribs ever so slightly. Both of these show off just HOW skinny Rei really is.

Her legs are very long and skinny, giving her that leggy look that prevails through Evangelion. Not much in the way of small details here aside from small panel lines and those big black lines on her thighs.

Her feet a positively tiny. They way they have molded them gives the look that she’s almost wearing high-heels. The soles of the feet are painted a deep red. Not much to say here, so, moving on to her back.

Hello…Rei’s…back. Right, well…

Her backpack appears to be molded as accurately to the anime as the rest of the figure is. The large “0” is printed on.

Her back is largely smooth white plastic aside from a couple molded in details and the black portion that disappears under the backpack.

Her buttocks…yes..her um…buttocks…well, this is the only place that people claim Revoltech wins out against Figma. If your a fan of staring at figure’s butts, then by all means, get the Revoltech. For me, its there enough that I…notice…it…but is subdued enough to allow for good articulation of the legs and preserve the look of the plugsuit.

The backs of her legs are much like her legs, long white, small little details.

Lets move onto articulation, Rei? would you please strike a few poses to see how much you can move?

Cameraman…I have to ask…WHY IS REI ACTING LIKE HITLER IN THAT SECOND PICTURE!? This is Rei! NOT Asuka! Get your shit together man!

*ahem* yes, well, as we can see each arm can bend alittle over 90 degrees at the elbow, rotate slightly at the elbow. The wrists can rotate 180 degrees and bend 90 degrees both ways.

The Shoulder can go to about 120 degrees up, and rotate 360 degrees. It can also move up and down on a double ball joint.

Rei’s neck is double jointed, allowing her to look all the way down, and a fair amount up. Her head can also rotate 360 degrees.

Rei’s chest joint is a simple ball joint, so it can move up and down a little and rotate 360 degrees. As you can see…someone broke Rei’s back to allow her to look behind her…the painful way.

No worries, we have plenty of replacements in the back, we have an intern with a piece of toast at the end of his fishing line.

Rei’s legs are loaded with articulation. Her hips can move forward about 45 degrees, maybe up to 60 if you push them. They move back about the same. Out to the side they move to about 60-70 degrees. Her hips also rotate slightly at the joint.

Her knees allow for about 110-120 degrees of bending action, they also rotate slightly. Her feet can move forward a little, and back to the point where she stands on her tip-toes. They also bend side to side to allow for more dynamic poses.

And with that, Rei you can have a break for a view minutes, we have to wheel out the entry plug chair.

Here is the Entry Plug’s Cockpit. It’s a big lounge chair with handles.

Does it faithfully recreate the cockpit from the anime? It’s close, but not exactly, they don’t have the giant piece of machinery behind the seat itself.

Does it do the job of looking like the cockpit, for the price point, and add to even more value to the figure? Oh hell yes. I love that Max Factory threw this big shot to the Fraulein line’s groin. I’m willing to bet many people pick up the Figma Rei, Asuka, Mari instead of the Fraulein version simply because of the cockpit.

Is it needed? Not really, do I like that it’s included anyways, for the same price as a normal Figma? yup, it adds even more to the value of these Evangelion Figmas.

It is pretty large, if you place the very front tip on a table and measure it, it is about an inch, maybe two, bigger than a RD Eva. So roughly 7-8 inches long.

Now, lets see what this glorified chair can do.

Huh…a chair that bends and moves around. That’s new.

So, the control yokes have a good range of motion, they’ll go just about anywhere you need them to. However, they are a PAIN to get attached. I’ve found that if you wiggle them on (rotate slightly side to side, edging them onto the pegs) they go on easier. However, now they fall off moderately easily, so I may end up having to glue them to the pegs. I don’t mind as they can rotate at the ball joint in the chair instead of the peg coming off said ball joint.

The pieces where the pilot’s legs sit can move out about 45 degrees and move down to almost 90 degrees, allowing you more poses while in the cockpit.

Now, lets move on to accessories. Rei comes with three face pieces. Neutral/Normal, Angry, and Smiling. Each one is molded nicely and fit well with the source materiel.




Oh for the love of…Who hires a cameraman with a camera so old it can’t handle the closeups! I had people willing to pay good money for those!

The next accessories are the numerous hands that are included. One hand holding Shinji’s SDAT, Pair of fists, Pair of slapping hands, pair of neutral hands, pair of control yoke holding hands, and a pair of hands that look to be able to hold something small and round. (Lance of Longinus in a future release?)

We get two display bases/stands. One for Rei and one for the Pilot’s Chair/Cockpit/Plug-Chair. Although when you have Rei in the seat, you can hook up both stands to the chair for added stability.

If you have any Figmas then you’ve noticed that Rei has no hole in her back to plug that stand into, Max Factory didn’t make one in Rei. Instead they included a small clip that holds Rei, further preserving the smooth plugsuit look.

Finally, we get a small white hand holder (really…it holds spare hands), a small paper pamphlet that shows how to set up the Pilot’s Chair and how to swap out hands and faces, and a ziploc bag to hold all Rei’s unused accessories.

Now then, size comparisons for everybody!

First off, lets bring in one of my other beloved anime characters. Dragonball Z’s Goku. This version is Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan Goku.

Wow, Rei looks TINY compared to Goku. While Goku looks like a huge mountain of muscle. Atleast they SEEM to be in scale. Goku stands at 5ft 7in, Rei stands at 4ft 9in according to their respective source materials.

Next up, I’d like to call in Kyoko-sama.

Thank you Kyoko-sama, would you mind going off to look for Yui-sama and calm her down please? Thank you again.

Ok, so no way are these two in scale, the picture simply gives you an idea as to Rei’s height if you possess a Robot Damashii Eva.

Now then, as we round the final corner in our tour I’d like to take the time to talk about the quality of the figure.

The whole figure feels very good, no cheap plastics here. No part of it feels cheap. Details are sharp and clear, VERY minor paint bleeding. However the joints in my particular figure are a bit stiff, so I am being very careful with her in case her joints are as fragile as I’ve heard other Figmas being.


-Smooth clean, plugsuit

-Pilot’s chair

-It’s a Figma

-No floating breasts problem

-As high quality as my Robot Damashii Evas are.

-It’s Rei


-The joints are a little bit stiff for my tastes, but I’d rather them be stiff than too loose.

-I have heard of Figmas having fragile joints

-MINOR paint bleeds (so minor I almost didn’t list them here)

-After you play with the chair abit, if you decide not to use it, then well, its a giant chunk of plastic that just sits there

In conclusion, I can’t recommend the Figma Evangelion figures highly enough. I’ve been blown away by this figure, the sheer level of detail is astounding. She looks every bit as beautiful and mysterious as she does in the anime.

Does she capture the feel of the character you got from the source anime? Yes, it truly does look and feel like Rei, even down to the slightly visible hip and rib bones, showing off her level of thinness.

Huh…managed to get a WHOLE tour without firing a cameraman, looks like you get to get a raise cameraman! Steak dinner on me!

*woomph woomph woomph*

Cameraman: H-Huh?

Cameraman: AAHHHH! *splat*

GOD…@#(*$)%&! Yui-sama! What did I say about squashing the cameramen!? You squash AFTER they are fired, not BEFORE. *sigh* And I have to do that blood stain report now, right when I found a cameraman I liked.

Ah well, we fish cameramen out of giant water tanks too.

Thank you all for stopping by and I hope you return for our exhibit on Yui-sama here that will be opening in the next couple of days. Provided she can stop herself from CRUSHING every cameraman that comes within 100ft of her! *glares at Eva-01*

*ahem* yes, thank you again, I hope you enjoyed this look at Figma Rei Ayanami. Please be sure to leave questions and comments in the comment box by the door.

Rei? Would you like to say goodbye to these fine people?

SCORE: 9/10


Purchase Figma Rei Ayanami here:


See Sarge, The new Cameraman, and Rei once again in their tour of the EVA-01 exhibit, coming soon!

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  1. September 17, 2011 at 4:48 PM

    Hey there. Just wanted to say it’s nice looking at your reviews from time to time for the pictures. Hope you’ll review Figma Asuka or Figma Mari down the line too.

    See you around EGF,

    SSD 🙂

    • Sarge
      September 17, 2011 at 7:52 PM

      Thanks for the kind words SSD.

      If Figma releases a standard plugsuit Asuka, I’ll definately be picking her up and reviewing her. Besides that, I have no urge to get the Test Suit and maybe if I can find a time where I can spare some money I’ll pick up Mari.

      Truth be told, I’ve been on a Halo and Gundam kick lately so finding the urge to review Eva figures hasn’t been there. Hopefully I’ll get the urge one day and knock out the rest of the Eva figures I have waiting.

      Thanks again,

  2. January 25, 2012 at 8:49 AM

    hello, i recently got this rei ayanami figma, and have encountered black spots on some of her faces, are these spots a problem? and can they be removed?

    • Sarge
      July 10, 2012 at 2:38 PM

      My personal figure doesn’t have any of these black spots. I’d say try using a finger nail to rub them off/pry them off. If they don’t come off, it seems like an error at the manufacturing end, try to get ahold of Good Smile Company or the store you ordered from. I don’t want to suggest anything else in fear of harming the figure itself.

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