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Robot Damashii (Side EVA) Evangelion Unit-02 Review

Robot Damashii (Side EVA) Evangelion Unit-02 Review



Welcome back everyone to Sarge’s Figure Museum! Sorry about the long delay, Yui got into a fit and we’ve been cleaning up here since. But that’s a future review yet, so lets look at Yui-sama’s partner in crime. The Red-Devil, The World’s First True Evangelion! Unit-02, Kyoko-sama! So read on to figure out just what this figure has in store for us!

First off I’d like to make a little disclaimer. I will be referring to this figure in two ways during this review. Unit-02 and Kyoko-sama. If your well versed in Evangelion, you will understand why I refer to Unit-02 as Kyoko. If not, take a trip over to EvaGeeks and read up if your interested. Everyone understand? Good, lets get this tour of the Kyoko exhibit underway!

We’ve got a fresh cameraman today, fished him out of our tank this mornin’. The last cameraman, well, lets say Yui-sama LIKED him. Said he tasted like salmon.



Ah, hello Kyoko-sama, your looking good today. Cameraman seems to be on the ball too, never seen that camera take that good of close up shots. He may yet earn that bottle of pills for lunch.

I will NOT be going over articulation during this tour, if your interested in what these Robot Damashii Evas can do in that way. Head on over to Unit-01’s review in the Evangelion tab at the top of the page. So without Articulation, this will be a fairly short review.

There are only TWO differences in Unit-02’s mold and Unit-01’s mold. The head is different, and the chest armor is different. Everything else is the same except for the colors used. Where Unit-01 is a nice purple and green scheme. Unit-02 is a bright Red and Yellow scheme.

So, let’s get a nice turn-around and get a good look at this figure. Kyoko-sama, do you mind?

Hm, Kyoko-sama is looking abit different than she did in the show. I LIKE IT!

So yes, I actually prefer this sculpt of Unit-02 over the sculpt Unit-02 had in the TV Series. Why? I like the fact that Unit-02 isn’t TOTALLY red, it’s broken up by white and yellow, which adds a very nice effect.

I also like the two small orange horns on the top of her head. I had always viewed Unit-02 as the “evil/demon” one, so the horns add to that effect.

One minor gripe I’d like to point out now, as no doubt you’ve seen it if you looked hard enough at the pictures. There are quite a few minor paint bleeds. However I only REALLY noticed these when I looked at the photos on my computer, otherwise I only noticed a couple and they were minor. So minor hit against Unit-02 there.

So…no articulation review, what in the blazes are we gonna do now? I mean, that’s like 80% of our reviews! Oh yeah, I suppose we could go over accessories.

That’s a pretty impressive armament Kyoko-sama!

So, a full rundown of all the accessories you get in the box:

  • 1x Umbilical Cable
  • 1x Super-Electromagnetic Crossbow MM-144
  • 1x Thunder Spear
  • 2x Progressive Knives
  • 2x S-Type Equipment shoulder rockets
  • 2x S-Type Forearm fins
  • 1x Crossbow hand
  • 2x Fists
  • 2x Running/Karate hands
  • 2x Relaxed hands
  • 2x Spread hands
  • 2x Trigger/Gripping hands

Yeah so that’s a lot!

Lets start off with the S-Type equipment and see how to attach it.

First pop the original shoulder binders off…

And then, remove the normal forearm fins with a slight pull…

Plug in the new shoulder pylons and forearm fins…

boom! Flying Kyoko-sama

*THUD* Damnit Kyoko-sama! What did I say about jumping and saying you could fly!? All you can do is fall with style! S-Type equipment simply slows your fall so you don’t die!

Go get some aspirins. Don’t talk back, I’ll take your doll away!

Good, now can we continue? Thank you.

So lets give Kyoko-sama here a few weapons and let her play abit with her new shoulder peices

So the crossbow is a BEAST of a weapon. It’s quite large compared to Unit-02. The inclusion of the dedicated crossbow hand is a welcome sight as the normal trigger hands will NOT fit the grip of this gun.

It is molded nicely with many small details such as sights. It is painted in a dark grey and silver scheme.

Lets move onto the thunder spear.

Now this is a very confusing weapon for me. I get the reason why Unit-02 has a spear, as it used one in the series. But why is it shaped like a gun? A gun we never see fire and have no idea if its a gun or a glorified spike? Personally I’d have rather had the Axe back. Unit-02 always looked best with that big axe in her hands to me.

So that aside, the Thunder Spear its molded just as well as the rest, it is molded in light grey and has yellow paint on the forearm and silver for the blade of the spear. It’s best used in dynamic poses. Otherwise, it’s eye-bleedingly boring, unlike the axe that looked bad-ass if it was in a dynamic pose or Unit-02 just holding it.

So, lets go on to my favorite accessory! The Progressive Potato Peelers!

Ok yes, Kyoko-sama I admit you do look awesome with knives.

The design of these knives actually took abit of time to grow on me. When I first saw them back in March I was wondering why there was suddenly a vegetable Angel that needed peeling.

But after some time, watching the movies, and handling these in person, I fell in love with them. They remind me of the Roman Gladius, a short sword used by the Roman Legion and Gladiators. With these are how my Unit-02 is posed 99% of the time. They are exceedingly simple, pretty small, but throws the awesome level up to 11.

So, now we got that over with, lets show off one or two dynamic poses before we call it a night, shall we?

So while Kyoko-sama is off on her run, lets get through the pros and cons and wrap with review up, shall we?


  • Robot Damashii’s excellent sculpt using actual CG renders from the designers
  • Top notch articulation
  • Plenty of accessories
  • Fully compatible with Unit-01’s accessories.
  • Metal pins in joints for strength and durability
  • Smooth posing, no clicky revoljoints.
  • All weapons and accessories used in the movies are well represented
  • Same sculpt as Unit-01
  • Minor paint mistakes
  • Wish it had a few “throwback” accessories, such as the Axe and the Javelin
  • Some may not like the changes to Unit-02
  • Same sculpt as Unit-01 with only head and chest changed.
  • No “large” accessory such as Unit-01’s AT Field
  • Dem hips!


So that’s it, yes, the sculpt is a pro and a con. Yeah they kind of took the easy way out and just repainted Unit-01 (or Unit-02, don’t know which came out first) and added the chest and head. But it’s a pro because that’s all they needed to do with these new Movie Evangelions. They did exactly what they needed to and didn’t fuck with what worked. So Kudos to Robot Damashii. I paid $45 for this figure because I purchased it between runs of figures, so the prices went up slightly. I would gladly pay up to $60 for a figure of this price. Getting this and Unit-01 cemented in my mind that Robot Damashii is the complete and total winner in the RD vs Revoltech war. The level of detail, the accuracy to the show, and paint applications. Everything is great with this figure, except for the hips which is the ONLY real thing Revo kids have against the Robot Damashii sculpt. Again, if you a fan of Evangelion, collect figures. It is a great disservice to yourself not to pick up at least one of these Robot Damashii figures.


Oh hello Kyoko-sama…wait! who’s that in my exhibit!?

Get out of there little girl! It’s dangerous! Cameraman, stop staring at her ass and go hel…oh Asuka, your back already, uh, welcome!
Perfect timing! Next time, we will be reviewing Asuka Langely Shikinami! Stay tuned as we have to figure out how to devote an entire exhibit to Asuka and not have fanboys beating our doors in.
Questions, Comments, Critiques are all welcomed and will be answered ASAP.
SCORE: 9.9/10
Until next time, thank you for visiting Sarge’s Figure Museum and please come back for more!
You can purchase RD Evangelion Unit-02 here:

















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