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Revoltech Mass Production EVA (Perfect Edition) Review

Welcome back everyone to Sarge’s Figure Museum!

Today we’ll be looking at Revoltech’s rerelease of their Mass Production Evangelion from the movie End of Evangelion. Does it still hold up after all this time? Or does it show its flaws even worse now that years have passed since it was made? Hit the link and find out!

So its been a year since the Museum has been open, and as you can see we’ve moved locations and renovated it to provide a much cleaner look. In this very special reopening exhibit, we have Fish Lips himself, the bane of Eva-02 and Asuka, the Mass Production EVA.

I remember when I first saw this EVA when I was a teenager. To see that huge gaping grin it always has, it gave me shivers. To be honest, I initially HATED the look of it. The fact that a flock of them tore apart my favorite EVA didn’t help matters in the least.  As the years passed the look of it grew on me. The large wings, pure white color, even the creepy smile. So, lets see what Revoltech has in offer for my personal first Evangelion from them.

Fish Lips, Harpy, EVA 05-13, Mass Production Evangelion. This unit goes by many names, so I will refer to it as MP EVA during the course of this review for simplicity.

In the above image, you can see, with all the money spent on a new Museum we still can’t afford better cameramen. What can I say? I fish them free out of our tanks downstairs, its economical. We also see that large grin this unit is famous for, still creepy if you ask me. Also we can see the Revojoint that Revoltech is famous for, littered through the body.

So, usual turnaround. White, Black, Red, Blue-Gray, and Brown. Pretty boring color scheme. The large amount of white however really makes it stand out in your collection. Apart from Rei figures, there is no great amount of white in Evangelion.

So, lets get some size comparisons over with, I’d like to invite EVA-02 and Figma Rei into the shot.

So as we can see, MP EVA is nearly the same height as Figma Rei Ayanami. He is also much shorter than an average Robot Damashii EVA. I’m unsure at the moment if this is the same as other Revoltechs.

Thank you Rei, you can relax now, Kyoko-sama, you can stick around abit you and MP EVA have quite the history and I’d like you around for abit to help out with this review.

Lets start with arm articulation, shall we?

The Revojoints allow for a lot of movement. The shoulders and Elbows will go pretty much everywhere you want them to. Each Revojoint has a swivel at each end and a main ratcheting bend, giving this figure the “clickyness” as you move him. Everytime you move a Revojoint along that bend, you will hear a loud series of clicks. Those are the ratchets, which are this figures strength but also a weakness in the legs and feet.

The wrist joint though, ugh. I love it and hate it. It is just a simple swivel joint, on an angle. There is a peg in the wrist that plugs into a hole on the back of the hand.  It preserves that smooth look, but it is TERRIBLE for posing. Turn it anything past 90 degrees and it just looks unnatural.

In the legs and feet, to get this figure to stand, your forced to work with the ratchets. Even if that perfect point is between “clicks”. This figure however REALLY doesn’t look too great just standing there, he needs to be free! To move! Put him in an action pose and he’s great!

As you can see, MP EVA here, loves to pose. Lives for it really. He’s terrible at just standing there like David. But get him moving and the sculpt of this Revoltech comes out.

With the head, the large Revojoint fits perfectly for his head and neck movement. Giving him that eel like head feeling.

Only the MP EVA could pull off a perfect 90 degree bend sideways at the neck and have it seem normal.

In the torso is another large Revojoint, which allows for quite abit of movement, but as you’ve probably noticed, leaves a large gaping hole in his torso. Almost like Kyoko-san got a hold of him.

Given this is the rerelease of this mold, what does it give us over the original? The original release came in two forms, Winged or Weapon. The wing version came with a set of wings along with some hands. The weapon version however came with two weapons, battle damaged pieces, an extra head, hands, but no wings. You had to buy both in order to get everything the MP EVA could have. This rerelease remedies that.

This release of the MP EVA comes with everything. Wings, weapons, battle damage. All of it. That was the big selling point to me. No need having to track down the rarer weapon version, just buy once, get everything.

Heres the rundown as to everything you get.

1x Mass Producton EVA

1x Set of Wings

1x Replica Spear of Longinus

1x Giant Sword

1x Open Mouth Head

1x Entry Plug

1x Damaged Shoulder

1x Damaged Elbow

1x Damaged Head

2x Fist/Spear Hands

2x Spread Hands

2x Giant Sword Hands

1x Revoltech Stand

2x Revojoint

1x Stand Extention

1x Revocontainer

First thing that catches my eye personally, is the massive replica Spear of Longinus. Given this is my first spear, it stunned me as to just how big it is. But lets go through the accessories first.

Here we can see the open mouth head. It looks really sharp, the blue/gray tongue is a very nice touch.

The entry plug has some minor paint app problems, but the KAWORU printed on the side is sharp and clean.

Here we have the Giant Sword, or Heavy Spear depending on who you ask. Painted in a black and purple/gray, I’m surprized at how much I enjoy this weapon, it fits perfectly in the dedicated hands, no weight issues, looks great.

Now lets get these wings out of the way, MP if you would please. Everyone please take a step back, he’s about to take up alot of room

Wow! These things are GREAT! They plug into the entry plug hole on the back,  clipping onto its back.

We can see the full range of motion the two Revojoints give these wings. Plenty of posing options are available here. Also to note is that the back is a glossy white, the underside is a matte black. This gives a very nice effect to him. On the underside near where it meets is also a hole in which the stand can attach as opposed to the normal one in the groin.

So lets do a turnaround to see just how big these things are.

He really doesn’t want to stand up with these wings attached. If you want to use the wings, keep him on the base you’ll be much happier for it.

Now then, time for the great Spear of

Longinus. Wait…why does it say Made in China on the side? NOOO! Its a replica!

This thing is HUGE. Its about a foot long in total. It comes packaged in two sections, just simply plug it together. It’s painted a metallic purple. Definitely a winner in my book.

So…how are we going to show off the last few accessories…can I get a volunteer?

Ah good good. Eager, that’s a very good thing. Kyoko-sama? Have some fun.

Nice choice

Yeesh, letting out some pent up anger there? Well, lets see how these last few accessories look now that Kyoko is happy

 Gross…you’ve had better days MP EVA. I can see your brains…

Three pieces make up the battle damaged parts. A head that is crushed and bubbling over with brain matter. A shoulder joint that looks as though its been ripped off, even with bloody bone inside. Same goes for the Elbow joint.

To put these on simply pull off the arm at the shoulder or elbow revojoint and plug in the new piece. The head is just a simple switch out.

Now…pull yourself together, eat a couple cameramen.

There we go. Now I can handle looking at you.

Before I get to conclusions and all that, lets see what End of Evangelion would look like in a Rebuild style

Very nice, your getting better cameraman. You should be proud, I know I am.

Anywho, lets get to the great conclusion of this tour of sorts. Fish Lips here needs to get back to his cage before he gets hungry.


  • Best Articulated MP EVA out there
  • Has everything the last two releases has
  • Solid
  • Superb Accessories
  • Successfully captures the look and feel of the movie
  • Nice looking hips and wrists (compared to Robot Damashii)


  • The wrist and hip articulation  (when moved look unnatural)
  • Some paint app issues (mostly with the black lines in the back and shoulders)
  • Revojoints can sometimes impair that “perfect” pose
  • Weight issues with the wings (this was expected from the beginning)

The big question I suppose is “Should I buy this?” That question requires another “Do you have the first release?”

Say you missed the first release or started late in the game such as I did. Then yes, pick it up, MP EVA is a great figure and deserves to be in your collection. It is well worth the price for a “complete” MP EVA. However if you already have one of the other releases, then I would say its mostly up to you.

If you have both? No, don’t bother. You already have everything this release has.

If you have the Weapon version? No, unless you HAVE to have the wings, don’t bother

If you have the Wing version? Yes, the weapons and battle damaged parts alone make this worth it.

Although, if you were to get 9 of these and a Movie ver Unit-02…that would be a pretty cool display, showing just how outmatched poor Unit-02 was. Would love to see a picture of that.

Am I happy with this purchase?

Yep! For $40 this figure is worth every penny I paid. There are a couple problems with it, but given it’s age? They arn’t that bad in reality. I was worried about the wrists, but in a pose, I don’t notice them. I pointed them out because I am being picky. This figure doesn’t like to just stand there. Really, it looks like crap just standing. But if you put it in a pose? It’s awesome, the curves it has start to work, making it look like its in motion.

Am I happy with my first Revoltech Evangelion?

Yes and No. My first experience with it is much better than when I cracked open my Revoltech Jehuty. I didn’t have to completely disassemble it in order to put the Revojoints pointing in the right direction, didn’t have to fight with the hands to get them on. However, due to my knowledge of better Revoltech EVAs that are out there, I’m kind of sorry that they didn’t update it’s sculpt to EvaEvo standards. When I purchased this EVA I was worried, I had heard bad things about the wrists and hips. I’m pleased that the rumors and such are exaggerated. Yes they are a problem, but not so horrible you shouldn’t own the figure. However I do plan on picking up an EvaEvo Revoltech and I will be withholding judgement on Revoltech EVAs until then.

Overall, I’m happy with him. He’s everything I wanted from the figure and exceeded expectations that I had.

Welp, that’s all I got, pretty good I suppose for being out of the game for a year I suppose. Time to feed Mr. Fish Lips. Since this cameraman couldn’t get as many focused shots as I’d like, and since Fish Lips was such a good sport. He’ll get a snack today.

Thanks for stopping by Sarge’s Figure Museum, and I hope you come back for the next exhibit coming next week where we get to meet the great angry construction worker.

Score: 8/10


Please leave any questions, comments, critiques, requests, etc. I read each and every one of them and would love to know how to make these reviews better, more enjoyable for you. Thanks again!

You can pick up this figure at Amazon.com:

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