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Robot Damashii (Side EVA) Evangelion Unit-00 (Tamashii Web Exclusive) Review

Welcome back to Sarge’s Figure Museum! Today we’ll be having a look at one of the most expensive Robot Damashii EVAs to ever be released. Lets just hope the figure and accessories live up to the large price tag of $200+ on eBay.

So, here we are yet again in the new exhibit section. Today we have Rei Ayanami’s personal Evangelion, Eva-00. As the prototype it has it’s own quirks. This is the Rebuild version of Eva-00 as seen in Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance.

The biggest difference in Unit-00 between the two movies is that it has been outfitted with standard shoulder pylons. So lets get the standard turnaround done and over with.

Looks like a pissy construction worker.

The Robot Damashii Eva-00 comes in yellow, grey, white, red, and a touch of green. The whole body is a simple remold of Eva-02’s body with a new head attached. The head is the only new part of this figure, and its a nice new part. Clear green serves as the sensor on the top of its head. Another clear red part acts as the main monoeye. These two clear parts add a lot to the figure. They look great, however the 0 that is supposed to be on the back of the head is missing.

Eva-00’s articulation is identical to the other Robot Damashii Evas. This is not a bad thing at all, it is a great range of movement. If you own another Robot Damashii, you can expect the same from Eva-00.

The big draw of Eva-00 is the figure itself. It’s accessories are abit lacking. So lets look at them now.

Here’s the rundown of everything you get in the package:

1x Umbilical Cable

1x Gatling Gun

1x N2 Missile

1x Bandaged Left Arm

1x Bandaged Right Arm

1x Bandaged Right Leg

1x Crossbow Trigger Finger

2x Fists

2x Resting Hands

2x Spread Hands

2x Trigger Finger Hands

2x Claw/Gripping Hands

2x Running/Karate Hands

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Not when you think that all the hands and umbilical cable are simple repacks of Eva-02’s accessories. The only new things are the missile, Gatling gun, and bandaged limbs. Oh yeah! The Gatling gun is for Eva-01. So the only accessories for Eva-00 are the missile and bandaged limbs. Lets take a look at the Gatling gun first.

This is easily my favorite of the accessories. The barrels spin and the ammo drum comes out. It looks great, makes Eva-01 look like she means business and her business is hurting things. It’s got abit of weight to it, but Eva-01 can hold it up easily. I doubt it can do it with one hand, gravity and all. But with two hands, the body doesn’t sag, arms don’t drop, she holds it perfectly.

This is the same umbilical cable that comes with all the other Robot Damashii Evas. Simple remold and repack. However, I’d rather have it then not, it’s like a Pallet Rifle, always fairly welcome in my opinion.

Time to do the deed, lets put all the bandaged limbs on Eva-00.

Here we have the bandaged version of Eva-00 as seen in the final battle of 2.22. Its very simple to swap over the limbs. Simply pull the arms off the shoulder joints which isn’t too hard at all. Place the bandaged versions onto the pegs, and attach any of the hands you wish. The leg pulls off it’s hip joint roughly the same. The foot pulls off the leg as well, place the foot on the bandaged leg, then attach the leg onto the hip joint. Just about as easy as it is for a Revoltech figure.

For looks? It looks pretty much the same as it did on screen. Apart from the bandages, there’s nothing too special about these limbs, operate the same as normal. The arms however are lacking the little “fins” that it’s unbandaged limbs have.

There is something that goes right with these limbs though, almost like you can’t have one without the other…

Ah yes, the large N2 Missile. It’s taller than the Eva unit itself. Isn’t too heavy and looks great.

On the side of the missile is a cutout for the Eva to grip it. There is only one cutout, so only one hand is going to be “holding” the missile. In truth you just wedge the “clawing” hand into the slot and go with that. I’ve shown as such below.

Alright, so we got the missile up, lets see what we can do with this huge thing.

Well, you can create that iconic pose. Over the shoulder or under the arm. Other than that, I can’t see too much to do with it other than have it on your display shelf and look good.

And thats it for accessories. Yeah, really, that’s all you get.


  • Near perfect likeness of Eva-00
  • Movie specific accessories
  • Clear parts for both sensors on the head
  • Bandages look great, Missile looks perfect, the Gatling gun is just pure awesomeness.


  • Too few accessories for the price
  • Some little details missing
  • Limited Availability being a Web Exclusive

So, would I recommend this Eva? NO, I would not.

For the price you have to pay ($200+) Eva-00 is simply not worth the money. This really should have been a standard release. If it had been? I would easily recommend it. You get too little for too much money.

If you just HAVE to have it? Then sure, try to pay as little as possible. This is a $50 release, that’s all.

I picked mine up used off of Mandarake. Which is a Japanese second hand shop, they resell used, boxed figures for cheap. I got this figure for $50.44 before shipping. All told I paid $67.82. All from Mandarake, you have to keep your eyes out and be paitent but exclusives such as this do pop up from time to time.

All in all, get the EvaEvo Eva-00. It is cheaper and you get roughly the same thing. If your going for a Robot Damashii collection, shop Mandarake and get this for cheap.

Score: 6/10

I am happy with my purchase of this figure, only because I got it for the price I did. If I paid what eBay is asking? I would be very angry with what I got.

Thanks for stopping by Sarge’s Figure Museum! Hope you enjoyed this review, please leave comments, critques, blah blah blah. You know the deal.



















Okay, everyone back to their places. Wait, where’s Shinji? Is he out with Yui-sama or Rei again? No?

What do you mean we left him in the move? GET HIM! QUICKLY!

…Oh god…Yui-sama noticed…

Kyoko! Unit-00! Calm her down! Quickly!

Next time: Robot Damashii Eva-01 Awakening Version

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