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Robot Damashii (Side EVA) Eva Unit-01 Awakening Version (Tamashii Web Exclusive) Review

Here we are again.

Yui found out Shinji was left in the move, so, the museum is now a crater.

We did manage to fish out a cameraman just prior though, so while Yui is pissy, lets get her some limelight.

Eva Unit-01 Awakened is pretty much a god from what I understand of the movie. Wiped the floor with the Angel of Strength, nearly ended humanity, and was stabbed in the back by a pretty boy.

I did say “spoilers” right? Ah well, you shouldn’t be here if you havn’t atleast watched Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance. If not, stop reading and go watch. I can wait.

From this point forward I will assume you’ve now finished watching. Good, while your brain tries to unscramble, lets crowbar a review in there.

The Awakening involves the Eva’s innate powers being unleashed. The eyes, mouth, and any luminescent armor sections glow red; the A.T. Field’s defensive capacities increase and it also becomes a potent offensive weapon; the ability to project energy using the eyes develops; and a halo manifests. The pilot’s plug depth approaches the “Great Beyond Depth”, exceeding a value of 180, and he starts to transform into an energy being at risk of being unable to return to normal.

When Shinji Ikari resolves to save Rei Ayanami, whose soul is trapped inside the core of the 10th Angel, the Eva undergoes further changes in order to, ostensibly, satisfy this wish. The halo develops into a black hole-like vortex and energy wings start to manifest from the Eva’s core. The pilot gains the ability to bridge from the entry plug to the Angel’s core through the Eva’s palms. According to Ritsuko Akagi, the Eva is “regaining its original form”, “transforming itself into a divine entity close to God”, and becoming an “energy condensate”.

Didn’t know you were getting a school lesson did you? Well too bad. Evageeks Wiki explains it far better than I can. And for a variant of Eva Unit-01, explanation is necessary. You know, gives abit of back story and reasoning behind why we have this version here in front of us today. That whole thing.

Now that we got the lessons out of the way, lets go onto the figure itself. First off, this is an exclusive. By exclusive I mean, more expensive. Where in my Eva Unit-00 I was angry that it was an exclusive. THIS is what an exclusive should be. A variant only the hardcore fans really want. Unit-00 didn’t deserve exclusive status, it should have been on the main lineup.

This is exclusive only in its price tag however. Running at $100, you can still find them easily and readily. For an exclusive, this one sure got a big production run.

Hm? Oh all right, ONTO THE FIGURE!

Not quite the “glowing arm of God” you were expecting eh?

Yep! We’re gonna build the Awakening figure over the course of this review.

So, this is the base Eva Unit-01. A simple recolor of the original release. This time in a deeper shade of purple and a bright red where the green once was. Oh, she has red eyes now too. Other than that, simple repaint of the figure we know and love.

NO, I will not do articulation in this review, I’ve done it once in my original Eva Unit-01 review. Go there if you want to see the crazy amount of articulation this figure holds. Lets just say, if you can think it, she can do it.

As a special part to this review, I feel I have to point out the box for this figure. It is unlike any other Robot Damashii Eva. It’s beautiful.

My camera REALLY didn’t like taking photos of this box. Covered in photos of the actual CG model used to make this figure and the figure itself. It will certainly catch your eye on the shelf as compared to the other Evas.

So other than the base figure, what else do you get for a $100 bill? Well, this is one of those times where you get what you pay for. You pay a lot, you get a lot. Unlike that punk Unit-00.

Here’s the rundown of everything you get.

1x Robot Damashii Eva Unit-01 in Awakening colors

2x Running hands

2x Clawing hands

2x Fists

2x Spread Palms

2x Relaxed Hands

1x AT Field

1x AT Field Stand

1x AT Field Attack Effect

1x Tamashii Soul Stage with custom mount for the AT Field Attack Effect Part

1x Severed Arm

1x AT Field Arm

1x AT Field Running Hand

1x AT Field Clawing Hand

1x AT Field Fist

1x AT Field Spread Palm

1x AT Field Relaxed Hand

1x Exposed Core Chest-piece

1x Awakened Head with movable jaw

1x Halo

1x Halo Mount

1x Hard Plastic Horn

1x Soft Plastic Horn

That enough accessories for you? Bandai went all out for this release, included EVERYTHING this figure needs to recreate nearly any pose seen in the movie.

So, lets get to building this Awakened Unit-01, first we have to pop off the left shoulder pylon. Simple ball joint, no muss no fuss.

Good, now we chop her arm off!

Here’s our first add-on. The severed left arm. To change it out, simply pull the left arm off the figure like a Revoltech. Can be abit stiff the first time. Simple swap over, now lets get a look at that gory goodness.

Truth be told, besides the bone and pink meaty bit. There isn’t much gore going on here. Clean cut, bone in the center, meaty bit around that. However the meat is covered in a nice gloss finish, giving it that wet look. Small little accessory, but it does its job well.

Now, lets get to the good stuff, the reason why people like me enjoy this angry Unit-01 over the TV Series version, the AT Field Arm. Simple pop out pop in again.

Mmm, gotta love it. MUCH better than that human arm the TV version had. Lets get a different view of how this looks on the figure. Maybe the lighting will be nice and show off that clear gold its molded in.

Much better. So, near the shoulder it is a clear gold, but as it gets closer to the hand the more opaque it gets. The joints are molded in white, which can be abit of an eyesore, but for strength of the plastic I see why they didn’t go with a clear here for the joints.

Now, onto the chest piece. Simply pull off the two armor plates. They are just a simple plug and hole attachment. Take a fingernail and pop em off.

Now that we got those out of the way, lets give her a heart. Simply plug the core piece onto those two holes.

This chest-piece is molded in white and clear red. with a black paint ontop of it. As you can see in the second picture, the black is missing in some of the very edges. From the front though, it works perfectly well.

Now, onto the second money piece here. The Awakened head. Pop off, pop on. Blah blah blah, you get it by now. They made it easy to switch between the two.

Right off the bat, lets get my biggest gripe with this figure out of the way. The eyes. They should be a white to pink/red gradient. Not here, its like the worlds worse case of pink-eye. It looks good at a distance, but up close they aren’t so great. This head does have a huge redeeming feature, the mouth opens and closes. Revealing red teeth inside.

And as a final cherry on the cake, the mouth pulls down, to get that really crazy look.

It’s not a huge pull down, but when posed right, it looks like Unit-01 wants to fuck you up so bad your DNA cries.

Finally, the Halo effect part plugs into the Umbilical cable plug hole on the back.

This is what you end up with. Yes I took off the core chest-piece. As I prefer my Awakened Unit-01 to look like it did during the “long walk.” This is actually exactly how I have it posed at this moment. Where it is walking towards the 10th Angel.

Now that we got it to here, why in the world would you EVER want to take it back to the normal Unit-01? THIS is what you paid good money for.

So, next up we got the AT Field.

This is nearly identical to the one that came with the standard Unit-01 save for having no hole in the center and the orange hexagons are thicker. Giving it the sense that it is much stronger than an Angel’s AT Field is.

Now, the AT Field Attack Effect Part.

The inclusion of this really surprised me. This attack has never been made in figure form outside of this Robot Damashii. It is heavy however, so be careful when posing or it will simply spin on the round peg holding it’s mount to the base and fall off. It sure is pretty though.

There we have it. That’s all the big accessories this figure comes with. I didn’t show off the hands as they are remolds of the same hands that came with every other RD Eva.

Pros/Cons time!


  • Includes everything you could want with a Awakened Unit-01 figure
  • Paintwork, when its good, its REALLY good.
  • Much more available than the other two
  • AT Field Attack part
  • Cheapest of the three exclusives
  • Looks nearly perfectly alike what was shown on screen.


  • $100, not cheap
  • Paintwork, when its bad, its pretty bad (Eyes, edge of core chest-piece)
  • Weight issues with the AT Field Attack part
  • The left shoulder joint on my particular figure is VERY stiff.
  • No AT Field sunglasses?
  • No Giant Red Rei?

Yes those last two are BS inclusions, but still would have been cool to have a figma sized Core-Rei. To recreate the scene in the picture above.

Who should buy this? Anyone who enjoyed the Awakened Unit-01.

Really, if you like it, save up and get it. $100 isn’t TOO hard to get compared to the other two. However if your really that pressed for cash, get the Revoltech version of this. It’ll get you there, you just won’t get the AT Field attack part or the AT Field.

I’m happy with what I paid  and what I got for it. I wanted an Awakening Unit-01 that could look just as crazy and menacing as it did in the movie. To me, this figure fills it perfectly. It can do highly dynamic poses if you want it to. It can pull off the “long walk”, it has the big attack part, the defensive AT Field, all the hands you could want. Even a stump if you wanna have it that way.

Till next time Unit-01! You have a lot of explaining to do for this one!

Score: 8.5/10 (For price and the paintwork)


Next Episode: Soul of Chogokin SPEC Eva Unit-02!

  1. Vinvader
    August 11, 2012 at 8:31 PM

    This is a nice review. I aspire to collect action figures myself, especially Evangelion-related and Bandai D-Arts ones featuring Digimon.

    The introduction text is ideal for gathering interest in its humorous style. However, the part referring to the aroused/awakened EVA-01 as a god can be interpreted as misleading, although i appreciate the previous statement of it being your own opinion. I would say it is trascending, becoming an angelic entity. God just reads so ultimate and intangible, which seems a rather unfitting choice given it is impaled and rendered (possibly) harmless a few moments later. Although the definition of God varies between religions, i am going by what the RoE context implies. The second part covering the event of EVA-01 being impaled reads somewhat awkward (as Kaworu only orders the Evangelion, which itself cannot be considered a “pretty boy”, because of unconfirmed genders in the Rebuild continuity.). But i guess that was done for comedic purpose.

    I also expected a rant about Evangelions being featured in the “Robot Damashii” line, since they are actually cyborgs (albeit containing souls), but that is just my point of view.

    Now, the review itself is accurate, and the photographs taken almost do it’s glory justice. But i somehow wished for more action poses. Even if you already covered EVA-01, you could pose them in comparison to emphasize on the differences.

    I am looking forward to more reviews from you.

    Also, i bought my first Evangelion figure yesterday. I chose the End of Evangelion version of EVA-02 over Mari’s Figma, because i suddenly developed a preference for the Mechas themselves an am pretty indecisive when it comes to collecting. As you collect EVA-02, you might be able to help me identifying it. It is definetely not #27 in the Revoltech Yamaguchi series, but still sculpted by Yamaguchi. It is also missing some accesoires #27 has, such as the morphed Longinus Spear. The package itself mentions “The End of Evangelion”. Do you have any clue?

    • Sarge
      August 11, 2012 at 10:56 PM

      I use “God” mostly in the terms of the wiki “God-like” and more for comedic use.

      I’ll definitely try to put in more action poses. Problem is, I really suck at them.

      As for your Eva-02, I’d need to see a picture of the figure and the package itself to help you there. Try sending me a message on the Evageeks forums so I can help you out easier.


      • Vinvader
        September 29, 2012 at 12:03 PM

        I sent you a message, but you didn’t answer in over a month. Could it be that you are unable to receive messages?

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